Bulloch Academy

About Project

Bulloch Academy has been around for 50 years and this is their largest expansion since 1971. Maxwell-Reddick and Associates Inc. assisted in the 30 Year  Master Plan that consists of two general and broad Phases, with the first phase being dedicated to Academics, Technology, Arts, and a new Kitchen/Cafetorium and the second Phase addressing Athletic Fields. The Auxiliary Gymnasium was the initial capital improvement and was completed in November 2019.  Additionally, the school was served by septic systems and a groundwater well that limited student and staff numbers. In order for the school to grow, City potable water (for consumption and fire protection) was extended to the site and a new sanitary sewer pump station was installed to pump to City gravity sewer.  Maxwell-Reddick designed the on-site improvements and infrastructure as well as completed the topographical survey for design.


Our Approach

Maxwell-Reddick assisted with wetlands permitting and produced construction documents (demo, erosion control, layout, grading, stormwater, utility, and permitting) for the Administration Building/Media Center/Cafeteria, new ball fields, and new paved parking lots and stormwater infrastructure.  The site improvements will be completed by August 2020 with the building projected to be completed by summer 2021.”