What We Do

From residential to industrial, highways to railways, Maxwell-Reddick provides a diversity of services typically seen in much larger firms. Our team of Professional Engineers and Registered Land Surveyors is adept at developing new areas of expertise that surpass client expectations, which is why our list of markets and services is always growing.

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Planning helps our engineers convey projects on time. They decide material and work costs, screen team execution, guarantee wellbeing and security guidelines have complied, and that interchanges channels are open. Planning engineers additionally decipher the information, assemble reports, and convey introductions when required.

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Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineers consist of teams skilled in organizing a complete civil design set that starts from conceptual to project completion. Maxwell-Reddick & Associates can lead a project through planning, zoning, preliminary design, and final plat.

Projects at Maxwell-Reddick & Associates are managed and operated by Registered Professional Engineers, supported by EITs, AutoCAD specialists, Registered Land Surveyors, and Permitting Specialists.

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Hydrology & Hydraulics

Our Civil Engineers work to control regular water sources like streams and lakes. They treat wastewater and screen water supplies in urban communities. This kind of design falls under the overall class of structural designing.

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Environmental Science Services

Maxwell-Reddick & Associates offers a wide-ranging approach to projects from feasibility studies to final permitting. We can increase buildable space with our services while decreasing the permitting requirements, environmental impact, and possible mitigation costs.

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Our Methods and Approach to Surveying are where Maxwell-Reddick sets itself apart from other land surveying firms. It starts with understanding the needs of our clients and being able to apply our vast project experience to specific situations. Maxwell-Reddick prides itself in being diversified in all aspects of land surveying, including residential, commercial, and governmental projects. Throughout the project, Maxwell-Reddick staff will maintain clear and open communication with the client, design team, contractor, and other stakeholders to help create a collaborative environment and deliver a successful project. 

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Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.